Aftercare Instructions

Many of us don’t get proper aftercare instructions after fistula surgery. A friend in my support group shared photos of her aftercare instructions, and they were so good that I had to type them up to share with all of you. I turned them into images so that they can be easily saved and shared from most platforms. Please feel free to save and share them!

Please note that these instructions aren’t perfect, just the best I have seen so far, and they won’t apply to everyone. If you are unsure about your aftercare, I urge you to call your surgeon’s office to have them answer any questions.

(All of this information comes from a handout by Alberta Health Services)

8 thoughts on “Aftercare Instructions

  1. Dear Survival Guide Readers,

    Every Fistula is different including taking care of them. I just had 7 surgeries in 2 years – have seen 6 different surgeons and I’m still fighting this infection – I am dealing with this thing on day to day basis. Here is what I’m doing now to not go crazy with the pain… stay away from stressful situations and people, rest/ stay off your fistula area but stay active to keep circulation, eat really healthy food, visit a nurse care unit to assist you in cleaning your area, no sitz baths/showers with handle to clean area worked the best/when I did baths it aggravated area … and talk about fistula and educate your doctor and others about your pain and symptoms- I’ve gain over 60 pounds because of this fistula and now dealing with high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and depression – I can’t control this fistula but I can control these other diagnoses – I’m going to keep praying and wish everyone healthy blessings and do not give up. Big Hugs )i(

    • 100% true! Everyone is so different, different things work for different people. These are obviously generalized aftercare instructions, but thank you for pointing out that every case is different, and some of these instructions might not work for some people.
      Glad you are working on your other diagnoses, and sending good vibes to you for your fistula journey!

  2. The instructions form my hospital (NYU in New York) where I had a LIFT procedure done last Friday were very similar to these. Reassuring to see them here too.

    • Did they pack the wound at all? I was a bit alarmed as well, but it always seemed to close up okay (though it took a long time to fix the fistula). Sending good thoughts your way! —leah

      • Hey, how much time does it take to close wound. I ajd surgery three months back and my wound still oozes out blood.

      • Hey, which surgery did you have? Everyone heals at a different pace, and it depends on the size of the wound. Have you been back to your surgeon for a follow-up yet? If not, I would schedule one, and let them know you’re still having drainage and oozing.

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