Need Support? We’ve got your backside!

This disease can be so isolating, can feel so hopeless, and can be extremely hard to talk about. We have been building and growing a great online support group on Facebook over the past few years. Thanks to some really open and lovely people, it has become a really wonderful space to find support, advice, solidarity, and understanding.

If you think that could be helpful to you, please check it out!

Fistula Support Group (the group I run)

*** Edit, I recently met Jen, who runs a great support group just for women! Here’s the link to that group:

Abscess/Fistula Support for Women
New post coming soon!

Big Love,

Leah R Chatterjee

6 thoughts on “Need Support? We’ve got your backside!

  1. Can all your friends see that you are involved in the group and the posts or anything? I would be mortified if so, I am keeping this private.

      • They do not have my last name so that is ok for me to be on here:) I will join the fb group though as long as they cannot even see the group name – sorry, I am paranoid! -thank you!

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